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Enjoy The Advantages Of MAM And PAMM

PAMM, which is the abbreviation of Percentage Allocation Money Management is the most popular system to automate and manage your trading. With this type of system, gains, losses and fees are distributed on an equal percentage basis. All accounts obtain the same percentage returns, regardless of an accounts size. Investors are in fact part of a pool, that includes separate accounts or sub-accounts. These are traded by one money manager or trader. The manager has one master account in which the equity equals the sum of the balances of the sub-accounts.


LAMM, which is the abbreviation of Lot Allocation Management Module Is a trading system which allows you to allocate different trade lots to individual investor’s accounts. The trader has the flexibility to take advantage of different leverages for different types of investors


MAM which is an abbreviation of Multi-Account Management derivative of the PAMM system. The main difference is that the allocation of trades between master and investor accounts can be made other way than proportionally. Each investor can select what risk they want to take and what leverage he wants to have on their account. In other words, trades can be copied with different multipliers, which depend on the investor’s risk appetite.

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