Your Order Is Our Honour

When you give us an order, we carry it out in the quickest way possible at the best price possible.
Our technologies and operation culture see to that.

Automated Implementation Technology

Our Automated Implementation Technology ensures that you enjoy only the best price every time you leave us with an order.
This is accomplished by us employing the same electronic communication network-powered system that many other top financial institutions are using.
We've also gone through great lengths to improve the latency of the system – which is already one of the lowest in the industry – by investing 30% of our profit into improving the technology behind the scenes.

The OnePro Server Centre

Our servers are located in global financial centres, such as New York, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. This allows us to strike up partnerships with global brands, Equinix and Alibaba being among the biggest.

Automated Best Possible Execution

OnePro global execute client's order in best possible price without last look.
OnePro operates automoated best possible execution venue, which results in best possible price execution at the moment of a client's order.
OnePro's automated best possible execution venue is used among indutry top finacial institution which is connected through electroic communication network.
OnePro's latency is one of the lowest in the industry, being used and recognized by asset management industry.
OnePro invests 30% of net income or profit into network technology behind-the-scenes, to provide industry lowest latency.

Abnormal Trades
We do not accept any clients who use third parties' software or plugin or simply manually to take advantages of loopholes, break-down or delay of our prices. Those trades they generate for such purposes are defined as Abnormal Trades.
Those accounts with 30% or more of the total trades with holding period less than 3 minutes will be subject to further investigation. After investigation, we will identify those Abnormal Trades.
Some clients may use more than one accounts and locked trades to hide Abnormal Trades. Thus, the above definition is not exhaustive and due to the changing market situations, we reserve the rights to adjust this definition without prior notices.
Suspension for investigation
All trade accounts with abnormal trading activities will be suspended, and those Abnormal Trades will be cancelled.